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Invest with Us

how we operate

Interested in buying an income-producing property in Toronto?

Executive Suites Toronto (EST) is the one-stop- shop for investment properties in Toronto.

EST provides opportunities for our clients to own carefully selected, fully managed, cash flowing investment properties, in the form of premium rental suites, without any of the hassles or risks of being a landlord.

By partnering with EST, you capitalize on our market expertise to find the most exclusive property deals that promise the highest returns from the Toronto market. We then restyle and fully manage your income property as a premium rental suite, which caters to the most discerning (and highest paying) of rental clients. Our executive rental clients are typically business or medical professionals visiting Toronto for extended periods, opting to stay away from confining and unpleasant hotels. These professionals nonetheless demand high-quality accommodations in prefered locations, which is exactly the calibre of suites EST offers. Check out our website for our inventory of executive suites.

Our Services include locating, negotiating and facilitating the purchase of the best property deals, that promise the highest returns. We then manage all of the day to day aspects of running these properties, in the form of premium rental suites. From rent collection, to repairs, to tenant relations — we offer investor’s complete peace of mind in their ownership of a premium rental suite investment. You will never need to deal with tenants. Ever.

We find and secure the exclusive deals. You buy it. You own it. We manage it. We profit together.

Partner with EST to begin building wealth, through our unique buy and hold investment model. With the recommended 3 to 5 year commitment, your mortgage and fixed expenses will be paid down, while we also help to ensure positive monthly cashflow! Together with the steadfast market appreciation on your Toronto investment property, we can safely project commanding rates of return between 15-25% per year.

Mortgage Paydown + Positive Monthly Cashflow + Projected Property Appreciation = Wealth Creation

You as the investor do nothing, but reap the cash flow benefits, the appreciation in value and the steady principle mortgage pay down, with absolute peace of mind.
You never have to deal with your tenant, ever. Our agreement is with you, and we will manage your units for as long as you choose to own them. Sound too good to be true? Contact us so we can show you exactly how, by showcasing currently available investment opportunities!

Classic Partner Contributions

Your Down Payment

Our market expertise
Our network investment deals
Our property management
Our time

50/50 Partnership Wealth Building
50/50 Monthly Cash Flow
50/50 Market Appreciation at Selling
50/50 Risks and Rewards



In summary, we:

  • Conduct ongoing market research
  • Invest using fundamentals, not speculation
  • Follow our system of purchasing & running executive suites
  • Utilize and access a team of professionals
  • Follow-through on every detail


Since 2008, our investors have gained 15-22% returns per year

What will other investments pay you for your cash*?

Bank=0.0000000000001% Private lending=8-15%
GIC=2.2% Land Developer=15-20%
Mutual Funds=4% Income Property=22%



Since 2008, our investors have gained 15-22% returns per year

What will other investments pay you for your cash*?
Private lending=8-15%
Land Developer=15-20%
Mutual Funds=4%Income Property=22%

Example of a Classic Partnership

Using our market expertise and exclusive networks, we will find and negotiate the optimum income property for your purchase. Then, we will restyle your property as a premium rental, and provide all the property management services.

The following is a classic example of a typical partnership:

  1. A property is valued at $450,000 when purchased, but we are able to negotiate an exclusive deal and buy it for $400,000.
  2. You, the money partner, puts up $85,000 (20% down payment + closing costs)
  3. A mortgage is arranged for the remaining $320,000
  4. Property is overseen by us
  5. You, the money partner, receives monthly or quarterly updates
  6. 50 / 50 split on positive rental cash flow* (monthly rental income – expenses) that is created from the property (usually beginning at year 2 or 3).

*Cash flow may be split 50/50 on an annual basis, rather than monthly, due to inherent fluctuations and seasonal operating expense waves.

Following 5 years (3 – 5 recommended), it is anticipated that your premium property may appreciate to $520,000 (based on current trends in Toronto, conservatively 5% / year. Contact us for trend analysis and projections).

  1. Bank gets paid back the remaining mortgage of $290,000
  2. You, the money partner is paid back your initial $85,000
  3. Closing costs are paid (lawyer, realtor commissions) $5000
  4. Leaving $140,000 pre-tax profit which is divided equally between you and us.
  5. You win, we win.

This simple scenario is very typical in our joint ventures. With very little effort; you would receive a strong return on your initial investment, only possible due to our joining efforts to own / manage exclusive properties in downtown Toronto. We put in all the time and effort on maximizing the profit for the partnership, spending countless hours so you, the money partner, does not need to.

In order for us to make this structure successful and repeatable, Executive Suites Toronto gives extra attention to due diligence, making sure we’re buying into the best and ‘right deal.’

Contact us now, so that we can start with a basic conversation with you to speak more about our Services.

Building Your Wealth

We recommend a minimum of 3 to 5 years of holding that property, to allow ample equity build up through market appreciation and mortgage pay down. At that point, if you so choose, you can consider pulling this equity out (through bank refinancing), to reinvest into a second property! So, what started as one property can become two, then four, and so on, with us as your professional partners guiding and managing the way. Conversely, we can continue with our successful arrangement for as long as you own the property!

Over time, you can build a strong, cash-flowing asset base within the highly sought after Toronto real estate market.

Confidence in Our Expertise & Management

Securing exclusive deals on buying highly select income producing properties, of right price, location and quality, is a cornerstone of our successful model. We welcome you to view the quality of some of our existing executive rentals in downtown Toronto. One of these suites could be yours!

Our established network of experienced and professional partners ensures that we remain cutting edge. From access to current market analysis & trends, to tax and accounting tips, to legal requirements and beyond, our networks ensure we remain armed with the best information.