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Partnership Details

Investing FAQ

Since 2008, Executive Suites Toronto has successfully purchased and operated several high quality downtown Toronto residences that remain positively cash-flowing and appreciating considerably (click here to sample such properties). We could not have done this without our vast and trusted professional contacts, which consist of top realtors and property brokers, condo developers, as well as our wide-ranging Toronto Real Estate network.
By law, a minimum of 20% of the purchase price is required as a down-payment on an investment property, although some financial institutions may require a higher percentage based on their own policies.
Other options include using a line of credit to obtain this down-payment. The bonus here is that the interest payments would be tax deductible. Unfortunately, you cannot use RRSP funds, as that can only be used for the purchase of your ‘first home’, not an investment property.
If you prefer to use your own lawyer and/ or financing options, please feel free! The choice is yours. However, we can most definitely refer you to established legal and financing contacts that understand our services and products, and have worked hard with our past clients to ensure expeditious turnaround time. This is particularly important, given the fast-paced Toronto real estate market, where properties often sell within days!
Once a joint venture partnership is formed, a legally binding agreement becomes the basis of the relationship moving forward and deals with all potentialities (taxes, income, expenses, death, divorce, duties and disputes. This document would be fully vetted through legal representation by both parties.
Since these are true investments, and not speculative sale (buy and flip), the intent is a long term hold strategy and investors know that over time, the markets go up and any adjustments can be ridden out. Perhaps the value doesn’t go up as much in any given year depending on the market, but we would still be gaining equity through mortgage pay down and positive cash flow.

No one can control what will happen in the future, however the best way to protect ourselves is to NOT get caught speculating in a market. Executive Suites Toronto will continually keep a watchful eye on our local market, we watch for the subtle signs of shifting cycles so we can be pro-active before others even see it happening.

The trick in it all is to buy positive cash flow property in an economically sound region. This will not only provide both partners with a good return on our investment, but if the market does not perform as well as anticipated, we will be protected by our cash flow and mortgage pay down.

In reality, people make money and lose money by investing poorly and non-strategically in all types of investments. Our goal here, in this partnership, is to mitigate the risks by being pro-active in managing the ‘business’ we have formed and to maximize the return on the investment.

Investing with us means you retain the ownership of your residential unit. While we strongly recommend and encourage you to hold the unit for a minimum of 3 to 5 years (in order to realize good returns), we understand that ‘plans change’ and life happens. As such, if you must sell, we believe the best option is to list it on the open market, with a local realtor, to ensure the best market sale price possible. Yes, you can do as you please with your property.
The best way to ensure this does not happen is to properly screen and select the tenant from the beginning. Providing top notch properties to tenants is our business and we have a proven screening system to screen tenants including: job verification, previous two landlord checks, professional credit and background check.

The second way we protect our investments is by having a comprehensive insurance policy, which we are able to get exclusively, through our networks, that covers us for tenant vandalism. This coverage really allows us to sleep well at night. Thus far, in all our years of investing we have not had to use it due to our tenant screening process, but it is sure nice to have as a back-up.

Tenant screening can be a daunting and uncertain process for most, particularly in the fast-paced Toronto market. One major benefit to partnering with Executive Suites Toronto is our ability to tap into our long established and trusted network of partners, particularly concerning tenant and property management.

Executive Suites Toronto goes to great lengths to ensure excellent caliber tenants only. Part of the process involves a highly effective and proven tenant screening process, which includes thorough screening for their rental history, financial and credit history, as well as income and employment verification. See the property management tab for more information.

Once partnered with Executive Suites Toronto, ‘our skin is in the game too’, which means, in order for us to benefit, we MUST ensure high quality tenants. Only with this philosophy can our partnership flourish, win-win.

Our successful business model is built on the premise that you provide the financial capital for the investment, while we bring our time, networks and expertise, as well as our efficient property management to the partnership. You sit back, and take your cheques to the bank. Our model requires that we manage the property accordingly.
There are several types of insurance involved and available. The Condominium Corporation insures the buildings, grounds, exterior, mechanicals etc. This is paid for through the condo maintenance fees. During our tenant screening, we strongly advise but cannot force tenants to obtain personal contents insurance. The remaining insurance is “suite owner” insurance which must be in place on your property. This insures the part of the condominium that you own, which is from the walls in. We have obtained blanket policies at excellent group rates for all of our owner clients for their units. This amount would be deducted from your rental distribution.
Should you or a family member seek to move in, there are existing rules and procedures available within the Residential Tenancy Act. For example, there are specific forms and notice periods that must be adhered to. We would gladly speak to these, if you require additional information.
The simple answer is that you still own your properties.
This is just one of the reasons we ensure that we have a well written, professional legal joint venture agreement that clearly protects you and your estate. You will continue to own your 50% of the deal and our executor(s) or heir(s) will take care of our 50%. Your initial down payment, belongs to you, always.

Some of the options we can put into place that make it even better for you, we can:

  1. Buy insurance on each other (paid for by the property cash flow) that covers the underlying mortgage and potential taxes so it keeps the property clean for the surviving parties, OR
  2. We put a clause in that instructs the executor to get an appraisal and offers to sell you the 50% automatically, OR
  3. We can put in a clause that kicks in upon either of our deaths that forces the property to be sold and the monies distributed. We would not recommend this option as it just might be the exact wrong time to sell (according to the market fundamentals).

Flexibility is key here, depending on your needs.